To gain access to Jadu XFP (forms), there are a few steps you need to take. Follow the steps below if you only need access to build forms.
An Integrated Component brings data into your form from an external source.
Please follow the steps below to have your Jadu form moved to production:
Summary To send the form data to Perceptive Content, the following setup is necessary.


Video introduction to creating an action template, along with a rule to invoke that action template.
Add questions (also known as elements and fields) to your form.
Add instructions at the top of the page.
UMN Jadu users will be assigned a single category to use for all their forms. You will still need to select that category.
Create your form's metadata.  The Description field is required.
After you create Action Templates, you can create Rules to fire those Actions.
Video introduction to getting started creating a Jadu form.
The form instructions page is presented at the beginning of your form.
Add, edit, and remove prefills.
Download a PDF file that was generated upon form submission.
Dynamic display of a section of a page (also known as page branching) allows display of questions based on answers to previous questions.
Login to the Jadu Production Environment to view submitted forms.
Login to the Jadu Form Building Environment using your Jadu username and password.
Edit or delete an action template, and see which rules use an action template.
Remove a question from a page.
Jadu Forms can restrict access to your form only to those signed in with University of Minnesota InternetID and password.
Change the title of a page.
A progress bar indicates how many pages in the form have been completed and how many remain to be completed.
Show a custom response page after a form has been submitted.
Edit a question in a page.
Access data from submitted forms.
Video introduction to creating a page and adding it to a Jadu form.

Self-Help Guides

This self-help guide takes you through the process of setting up workflows for Jadu XFP forms.
This self-help guide takes you through the process of creating a form, setting up the page elements (such as text fields, drop downs check boxes) and the corresponding properties, and managing the submitted form