Jadu Central: Send a PDF to Perceptive Content

Documents can be sent to Perceptive Content for long-term storage. These records can either be archived or added to a Perceptive Content workflow process for further processing.

A PDF of the form must be generated in Jadu Central and sent to Perceptive along with the data needed to index the file in Perceptive Content.

Step 1. Create a PDF Action Template

Follow the steps in the article Create a PDF template.

Sending a form to Perceptive Content requires that a PDF be generated before exporting to Perceptive Content. The PDF format can range from simple to advanced depending on your individual needs.

Before creating your PDF Action Template in Jadu, you must have a PDF with fillable fields defined. For help with how to create a fillable PDF, please refer to Jadu Forms: Creating A PDF and Defining Fields.

Once the PDF file is created, follow these steps:

Step 2. Create a 'Submit data' Action Template

Note: If you are a new Perceptive customer, or need to have a new drawer or workflow queue setup for this process, please either attend a Jadu Working Lab or submit this Perceptive Request Form.

  1. Template Name
    1. Go to the Templates tab and click Create Template
    2. Choose Perceptive Content > Submit Data as the template type and click Next
    3. Template Title: give it a meaningful name. For example: "Send to Perceptive"
  2. Settings
    1. Note: These cannot be changed after the template is created. If they need to be changed, you must create a new template.
      1. Drawer - if you are unsure which drawer the forms should go to or need a new drawer, talk to the Perceptive Content team.
      2. Document Type - if you are unsure which document type to use, talk to the Perceptive Content team
      3. Workflow - Please work with the Perceptive Content team to set up a new queue for importing Jadu forms to.
      4. Attach user uploads - Enable this if you want attachments that are uploaded to the form to be sent to Perceptive Content
      5. Create as a new document: Important - ALWAYS enable this
  3. Mappings
    1. Fields 1-4 can be populated with answers to questions or logic that has been created on your form. These values cannot be longer than 40 characters. Please refer to the Field length for Perceptive Index Values section below for more information.
    2. Field 5 should be either the Jadu Central reference number or the Jadu Connect Case Reference number if you are using Jadu Connect workflow.

Step 3. Create a Rule to Send to Perceptive

The PDF must be generated before it can be sent to Perceptive Content, so these 2 actions need to be set up within the same rule in order to enforce the order they happen.

Jadu Forms, rule section with example rule.


Field length for Perceptive Index Values

Perceptive Content Fields 1-5 have a 40-character limit. If the data being sent exceeds that limit, the document will fail to be created in Perceptive Content. Please review all data being mapped to Field 1-5 in your template and ensure the character limit is being met using one of the following options:

  • Choice Fields: if the answer to a drop-down, radio button, or checkbox is being sent to Perceptive, make sure the value or label for the field that is being sent is not over 40 characters.
  • Restrict the answer length to 40 characters. This will prevent the end user from being able to type more than 40 chars.
  • Use the UMN - Perceptive - Format Index Field predefined logic to truncate or shorten the answer before sending to Perceptive. This will allow the end user to provide more detail while shortening the answer on the backend before sending it to Perceptive.

Formatting the Student or Employee Name 

How to change the format of a person's name to Last,First:

  1. Create a Literal Logic to put the name parts together with a comma in between.
    Jadu Forms, literal logic for Name (last,first).
  2. Then truncate the logic created to 39 characters using the UMN - Perceptive - Format Index Field formula in a predefined logic.
    Jadu Forms, logic for Perceptive Content. Formula UMN - Perceptive - Formate Index field with created literal logic selected.

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