Jadu Connect: Identify the Statuses (Workbook)

A status allows you to give end-users a quick indication of where the case stands at any particular moment and what step the case may be waiting for. Statuses are informational and categorical.

Identifying Your Statuses

To identify your different statuses, look at your business process diagram. Pay attention to each step that a human interacts with it. You want to assign a status to each step as it allows a user to recognize what step a case is in.

Status Types:

  • Initial: The starting state in Jadu Connect.
    • Initial status allows Jadu Connect to create the case to store data.
    • You can only use one Initial status because each Jadu Connect case can only be created once.
    • The Jadu Connect case stays in Initial status until another action occurs.
  • Normal: All the different statuses that a form can have between the initial and final states. Example Normal statuses:
    • Pending
    • Resubmitted
    • Returned
    • Additional Faculty Approval 
  • Final: This is the ending state in Jadu Connect and closes the case. It is possible to have more than one status that closes a case. Example Final statuses:
    • Canceled
    • Approved
    • Denied

Suggested Status Names:

Use meaningful status names. They should reflect the current state and immediately tell a user what is occurring:

  • Pending Review
  • In Review
  • Being Reviewed
  • Awaiting Review

Tips for good labeling:

  • Keep it Short: Submitted vs Uploaded for Processing
  • Make Statuses Distinguishable:
    • Bad: In Review and Reviewed
    • Good: In Review and In Fulfillment
  • Same Styling Rules: Try not to mix verbs and nouns. Make sure to use the same case in all of your statuses.

Status Colors

Colors are available as options within the Jadu Connect Workflow environment. Select colors to go with your case statuses.

  • Light Gray: No Actions Required
  • Blue: Basic Information
  • Green: Positive Action/Result (Ex: Success or Completion)
  • Yellow: Warning or Use Caution
  • Red: Negative Action/Result, Error

Tips when Selecting Colors:

  • Do not use neon or very light colors with little contrast.
  • Do not use light-on-light or dark-on-dark colors.
  • Test for accessibility: https://accessibility.umn.edu/


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