Jadu Connect: Identify the Transitions (Workbook)

Transitions are the routes that a case can take to go from one Status to another.


  • A transition called Approve moves a case from status Pending Approval to In Progress
  • A transition called Complete moves a case from status In Progress to Closed.

Transition Notes:

  • The To Status can have more than one From Status. For example:
    • The Cancel transition can apply for both:
      • From Status: In Review †' To Status: Cancelled
      • From Status: In Fulfillment †' To Status: Cancelled

Transition Name Tips:

  • Make the Transition name short and reflect an action taken.
  • Good transition names immediately and clearly tell a user what action to perform on an issue. For example:
    • A transition called Start moves a case from an Open to an In Progress status.
  • Bad transition names can cause confusion about the desired action outcome. For example, the transition Review:
    • Make sure the transition button identifies the start or end of an action. The word Review is ambiguous.
    • If a user clicks Review, does that mean they should start a review or that the review has already occurred?


Required: Select the following two roles for each transition:

  • Jadu XFP: The account Jadu XFP uses to transition a case.
  • Case Builder: Your admin role, specific to your service/category.


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