Jadu Connect: Create Transitions

Transitions are the routes a case can take from one status to another.

  • For example, a transition labeled Start can move a case from the status Open to the status In Progress.

Each transition can originate from multiple statuses but can only move a case to a single status

  • For example, the transition Start can take a user from the statuses Open or Submitted to the status In Progress.

Creating a Transition

  1. Open your case type in Jadu Connect
  2. Click the Transitions tab
    Tabs for General, Statuses, Trainsitions, Forms, Emails, Rules. Transitions is selected.
  3. Click New Transition and fill out the fields:
    • Name: Make the Transition names short and reflect an action taken. For example:
      • Start
      • Work
      • Complete
      • Cancel
    • From status: Select the status(es) that the case can be at when a transition or action happens. A single transition can occur as the result of more than one From status
    • To status: From the dropdown, select the status that the case moves to when the transition occurs. A transition can move to one status at a time.
      • User Roles who can apply this transition (required):
        • Jadu Central: The account Jadu Central uses to transition a case. This is required for a Jadu Central form to update the status of a case.
      • User Roles who can apply this transition (optional): The following roles can be added to transitions if needed in order to update the case status without the use of a Jadu Central Form. For example, to cancel a case or reset the status if it was mistakenly advanced in the workflow.
        • Case Builder: The admin role that builds and manages case types
        • Case Supervisor: The role that manages individual cases (e.g. process owner)
    • Display as button on case screens: Shows a clickable button on the case screens to transition the case to a new status.
      • Note: This option should be enabled for any transition that a Case Builder or Case Supervisor will need to use (without requiring the use of a Jadu Central form).
        Sample completed transitions tab. Transition name: Approve. From statuses: Submitted. To status: Approved. User roles who can apply this transition: Jadu XFP, Case Builder.
  4. Click Save.

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