Jadu Central: Test Your Form on a Mobile Simulator

You can use a simulator to test your form for mobile use. This will help you determine what adjustments you can make to improve your design.

General considerations

  1. When setting up fields on a form, verify that they are an acceptable width for use on a mobile device.
  2. Tables can be problematic on mobile devices. Too many columns make it hard to read.

Choose a mobile simulator

There are many simulators available for use. A few examples include:

  • Mobile Emulator v2.2
  • Responsinator
  • Google Chrome Device Mode
    1. Launch Chrome
    2. Turn on Device Mode:
      • Windows: Press F12 when on your form
      • Mac: Command+Shift+P
    3. Click the Toggle Device icon to the left of the Elements tab
    4. Use the dropdown menu at the top of the screen to change the phone type
      Note: Do not close Developer Mode or you will lose the simulator

Test your form

Once you have selected a simulator, test your form. Note how the form behaves and looks on the different size screens.

Adjust anything that is not behaving or reading as expected due to the fluid nature of a phone screen.

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