Jadu enables UMN employees to create and manage online forms. Forms are easy to create and no coding is required. Jadu Forms is integrated with other systems, such as Peoplesoft, and can automatically pull data into your form. The forms also offer built-in integration with Perceptive Content.

Jadu Forms consists of two separate components: XFP (forms) & CXM (workflow).

  • Forms (Jadu XFP) is an easy-to-use web form builder. It is a secure and flexible non-technical tool to build accessible eForms.
  • Workflow (Jadu CXM) is used in conjunction with XFP to create and manage form routing and approvals. The workflow functionality is created using business rules and logic, no coding required.


Create Forms

Jadu XFP

  • Forms are easy to create, with no coding required; a developer is not needed
  • Integrated with other systems, such as Peoplesoft, to allow some fields on a form to be pre-populated
  • Pre-built built-in integration with Perceptive Content, which offers an easy option for long-term form and data storage
  • Flexibility to easily create functionality such as conditional logic, page branching and field validation on your forms for great user experience
  • Provides the ability to send email notification and generate a PDF using form data

Create Workflow to Use with Forms

Jadu CXM

  • Provides workflow functionality for routing and approving forms
  • Ability to view worklists
  • Provides case status management
  • Ability to create task reminders