Jadu XFP is an enterprise level form creation and management platform. It is secure, flexible and enables non-technical users to create online forms that comply with web standards for both accessibility and design. Forms are easy to create, with no coding required.

Jadu Forms consists of two separate components: XFP (forms) & CXM (workflow).

  • XFP (forms) is an easy-to-use web form builder. It is a secure and flexible non-technical tool to build accessible eForms.
  • CXM (workflow) is used in conjunction with XFP to create and manage form routing and approvals. The workflow functionality is created using business rules and logic, no coding required.



  • Forms are easy to create, with no coding required, a developer is not needed
  • Integrated with other systems, such as Peoplesoft, to pre-populate forms
  • Provides built-in integration with Perceptive Content
  • Produces accessible forms
  • Provides the ability to generate a PDF using form data


  • Provides workflow functionality for routing and approving forms
  • Allows data to be changed after form submission
  • Provides case status management
  • Ability to create task reminders