Manage Data & Documents
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Manage Data & Documents

Store, access, and share data, documents, and files, from text documents to research data.

Services & Technologies

Database Hosting

Professionally-managed database environments for University academic and administrative units.

Document Collaboration

Services that enable secure creation, storage and sharing of files and online collaboration.

Document Management

Tools that enable you to direct and control the entire lifecycle of documents according to your business process.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Administration

Centralized repositories for enterprise data used by staff and faculty at all levels to support operational and management decision making.

Enterprise Reporting & Analytics

A central reporting environment that provides access to pre-built reports, analysis and dashboards, and tools for creating your own reports.

Fully-Managed Server Hosting

University-owned and supported Windows and Linux servers for faculty, researchers, and departments.

Jointly Managed Server Hosting

Jointly Managed Server Hosting provides customers with additional administrative privilege to systems in order to allow for automated application deployments.

Self-Managed Environment

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) for faculty, researchers, and departments that gives you complete administrative control of your virtual servers.

Source Code Management

Version control tools used to track and share code.

Storage Services for the University Community

Find the right storage solution for your data, documents, and media that best fits your needs for security, availability, and performance.

Surveys & Polling Software

Collect information from a variety of audiences and produce reports about the results.

Web Hosting for Departments

Web hosting services that enables units to post content online.