The Legacy Data Warehouse is a collection of data used to support the University's operational and decision making processes. These data are organized by discrete subject area and are updated from the University's operational information systems.

Some of the subject areas covered include financial, payroll, HR, space, equipment inventory and student information for the entire University. Student data is subdivided further into Admissions, Enrollment, Graduate School, and Course data.

The Legacy Data Warehouse data tables were designed much like spreadsheets having many columns for each row. These flat structures enable users to get most of the data they need without having to “join” two or more tables together. View a listing of the subject areas with their tables and descriptions.

To get access to the Legacy Data Warehouse, submit an Access Request Form (ARF).


  • Provides access to a broad range of data via raw query tools (SQL Developer, Toad, etc.)
  • Data organized in a flat, single-table approach
  • Subject areas include:
    • Financial
    • HR
    • Space
    • Student information
  • Note: Subject areas are not easily interconnected.