Research Data Storage is intended for current research data that is frequently accessed but does not require high transactional (compute) capacity. Appropriate data files include datasets, lab workbook data, research group papers, and certain types of Private-Highly Restricted data (PHR). Other types of PHR data are not allowed, including HIPAA, CUI, PCI, or other highly restricted frameworks. 

This solution is not recommended for: 

  • data that requires high-compute (transactional) capacity
  • data that is subject to HIPAA, CUI, PCI, or other highly restricted frameworks
  • infrequently accessed or archival data 


  • Allows for many types of standard drive mappings (e.g., Net Use/Net Map/Mount)
  • Data is replicated to another physical site and has snapshots
  • Stores frequently accessed research data, including datasets and lab notebooks