Technology Help: Find Your Ticket Request

When you request Technology Help, a request ticket is created. You can find your Technology Help request ticket to see the status of your request, provide updates to help technicians resolve your request, and add a comment to ask questions or respond to a technician.

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Viewing Ticket Requests

You can view your existing Technology Help requests on the Ticket Requests page. By default, the Status Class of the tickets shown will be New, In Process, or On Hold.

  1. Open the Ticket Requests page.
    • You may have to log in using your UMN Internet ID and password.
    • By default, the tickets shown will be New, In Process, or On Hold on the Ticket Requests page.Default tickets request page with multiple ticket search options. One ticket result is shown.
  2. Select the Title of the ticket to view its Details.
    Ticket details page

Including Completed or Canceled Requests in Your Search

When viewing your ticket requests, you can modify the Status Class menu and search for all of your tickets or those of specific classes, including Completed or Canceled.

  1. Select the Status Class dropdown menu.
  2. Choose the [Select all] check box or other status class(es) as desired.
    Status class dropdown menu; all options selected: New, In Process, Completed, Cancelled, On Hold
  3. Select the Search button to view a sortable list of all your Ticket Requests.
    • Note: In the Status column, Completed tickets are listed as Resolved
  4. Optional: Select the Title of a ticket to view its Details.

Understanding Ticket Request Information

You can review your ticket's information at any time.

The following information is available in your ticket:

  • Details
    • Account/Department
      • Your University account or department.
    • Service
      • The type of service being provided for your ticket request. The Service is typically Technology Help Desk Services / Technology Help. 
    • Source
      • How you contacted Technology Help (e.g., by phone, email, chat).
    • Created and last modified
      • The dates and times when the ticket was created and when it was last updated by a Technology Help technician.
  • Description
    • The description of the request that you entered or that a technician recorded about your request.
  • Feed
    • The Feed can contain Edits, Status Changes, and Comments related to your ticket.
    • You can comment in the Feed to ask questions or provide more information.
  • Requestor
    • Your name and contact information. Technology Help technicians may use this information to contact you about your request.
  • Attachments
    • Documents, images, or other files that provide more information about the request. Follow the instructions below to add attachments.

Updating a Ticket Request

You can update your ticket request by canceling it, adding an attachment, or leaving a comment.

Canceling a Ticket Request

Select Withdraw Request if you no longer need help. Your ticket will be canceled.

Adding an Attachment

You can add an attachment to help document your issue.

  1. Navigate to the Attachments area on the lower right-hand side.
  2. Select the Add Attachments plus sign.
  3. Select Browse and find your file.
  4. Select Upload.

Note: You can upload up to 50 megabytes (MB) of content using this method.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop attachments into the Attachments area. This method allows you to upload 4MB of content at a time. 

Leaving a Comment

You can also communicate with the technician handling your request by leaving a comment in the Feed section. 

Note: You will receive an email when your request is updated. You can communicate with the technician by replying to the email—doing so will have the same result as adding a comment in the ticket.

  1. Select the Comment button in the Feed section. The section will expand to show a text box and Notify field. 
  2. Leave the Notify field blank. 
  3. Enter your Comment in the text box.
    Open box in the Feed section with the Notify field blank and the body field open for comments.
  4. Select Save.
    • The group responsible for the ticket is notified and the Feed updates displaying your Comment.Comment in the feed that reads "My phone now disconnects after 1 minute instead of 30 seconds" Aisha and Suzanne are notified automatically.

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