Get Started

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Initiate and Manage Your Internet Account

Set Up Your Internet Account

The first step to getting online at the U of M is to get your UMN Internet ID and password by initiating your account. Go to the "Claim Account" page to initiate your account.

Manage Your Account Options

Once you have initiated your Internet ID, you can manage changes to your account, including changing or resetting your password; setting your password reset questions; managing email, Google, and Duo options; and accessing incoming emails that were blocked by security checks.

Access the Campus WiFi Network

Use the Preferred WiFi Network

The preferred secure WiFi network at the University of Minnesota for students, faculty, and staff is eduroam. Connect to eduroam by selecting it from the WiFi network options on your devices and entering your full University email address and password. You can also connect to eduroam at partner institutions around the world.

Troubleshoot Your WiFi Connection

Did you know that a many WiFi connectivity problems are the result of settings or other issues on individual users’ computers, phones and other mobile devices? The good news is many of these can be easily be fixed.

Set Up and Access Your U of M Email Account

Set Up Your Devices to Access Email

The easiest way to access email is through a web browser. You can also use an email client like Thunderbird and Outlook, or you can use an email app on your phone or tablet.

Explore Services & Technologies

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Learn About Technology Services for Instructors

Access Google Applications (Calendar, Drive, Docs, etc.)

Compare Campus Technology Options

Find a description of each service or technology available to you along with key considerations and the level of effort needed to use that service or technology.

Purchase Hardware and Software

Purchase educationally discounted hardware, software or personal cell phone plans. If you are purchasing with personal funds, many vendors will offer a discount if you let them know that you are with the University of Minnesota.

Find Other Helpful Resources

Learn about Technology Used for Courses

Use Technology for Courses

With University academic technology tools, you can create and teach, or learn, with online resources in face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses.

Schedule Classrooms and Technology Support

To schedule course related spaces and request technology needs for your classes, the Office of Classroom Management maintains all scheduling and room technology needs.

Request Teaching Support

Teaching Support is your one-stop location for help from University Libraries, the Disability Resource Center, the Center for Educational Innovation, and Academic Technology-OIT. With one request for help, you can get assistance on a number of teaching related items from course design to video production at no charge to your or your department.