Perceptive Content is the University’s document management system which is used for scanning, archiving, and retrieving documents. In addition, workflows can be set up to route documents for approvals according to your business processes. 

Available in Two Formats 

  • Web: Perceptive Experience, the web-based version of Perceptive Content, allows you to take advantage of most of the functionality of the desktop client via a web browser, so wherever you are, you can access your documents. 
    • Benefits of Experience include:
      • No Installations: Perceptive Experience does not require you to install or save files on your computer’s hard drive.
      • Works on both Windows and Mac operating systems. 
      • Modern user interface.
      • Security: Experience requires Duo Security Two-Factor Authentication to log in and also requires Virtual Private Network (VPN) while off campus.
  • Desktop Client: The Perceptive Content desktop client provides the full functionality and features of Perceptive Content. Those who use the desktop client must install a new version of the client each time Perceptive Content is upgraded.

To learn more about authentication, refer to the Use Duo with your Virtual Private Network (VPN) page.

Read a comparison between the Perceptive Content client and Perceptive Experience.

Example Uses

  • Archive digital and paper documents.
  • Process documents through a workflow.
  • Automate processes.
  • Customize a workflow to your business needs.
  • Securely control access to your documents.
  • Integrate with Jadu, a web-based tool for creating, distributing, and maintaining e-forms.

UMN Department Examples

  • Student Records: Admissions, Student Finance, Registrar’s Office, etc.
  • Employee records: Benefits, Payroll, Central and Departmental HR.
  • Research and grant documents: Sponsored Project (SPA), SFR, Academic Health Center.
  • Financial documents: accounts payable, accounts receivable, travel and expense, voucher-supporting documents (invoices), expense reports, purchasing card reports, journal supporting documents, vendor requests, deposits, etc. For more information, refer to Financial Document Imaging.

Getting Started

If you:

  • work in a Department that would like to use Perceptive Content: Please submit the Perceptive Content Request form.
  • need access to a department’s existing Perceptive/Experience process: please submit an Access Request Form (ARF).
  • are already using the desktop client and would like to explore or use Experience: simply sign in to Perceptive Experience to access your materials. You will not need to migrate your files or create a new account. 
    Note: You must use VPN to sign on to Perceptive Experience

Additional Resources