Perceptive Content: Web vs. Desktop Client

Web: Perceptive Experience, the web based instance of Perceptive Content, allows you to take advantage of most of the functionality of the desktop client via a web browser, so wherever you are, on campus or off, you can access your documents.

Unlike the Perceptive Content desktop client, the browser-based counterpart does not require any installations or upgrades on the computer. 

Desktop Client: The Perceptive Content desktop client provides the full functionality and features of Perceptive Content. Those who use the desktop client must upgrade whenever the server is upgraded whereas web users do not need to worry about this.

Comparison Chart

 Perceptive Experience (Web)Perceptive Desktop Client

Supported on Windows and Mac OS


Access via web browser

YN - (requires installation)
Requires Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access:YY

View and process documents in workflow


Edit index fields and notes


Annotate documents


Document search - use, create, and save filters


Export/download document


Capture - file import*


Capture - scan documents*


Capture - ImageNow Printer*


Linking (Capture and Index)


Index field drop downs in workflow


*In order to utilize this functionality you will need to work with the Document Management Team to set it up. Please send an email request to: [email protected]

To install the desktop client, please contact your local IT support staff or Technology Help.

For more information about Perceptive Content, see the Perceptive Content page.

For information on Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Duo Security authentication, refer to Use Duo with your Virtual Private Network (VPN).