Perceptive Content: Request Reports

The Document Management team can provide reports to you, using the Business Insights tool, about Perceptive Content security, documents, users, and queues. The reports can be run one time only or on a regular schedule that you determine; output from the report will be emailed to users that you select.

Reports must be requested by a Perceptive Content administrator. Available reports are listed below along with a description and example of each.

If you are a Perceptive Content administrator and wish to request one of the reports, scroll to the bottom of the page and submit a report request.

Available Reports

Report 1: Security Group Membership

     Description: Shows users assigned to the specified security group(s). If there are no members assigned to a security group, the security group is not displayed in the report. 

     Sample: Security Group Membership report

Report 2: Security Group Drawer Privileges

     Description: Shows the document privileges granted or denied to a security group for a drawer.

     Sample: Security Group Drawer Privileges report

Report 3: Workflow Queue Group Security

     Description: Shows workflow queue privileges granted or denied to a security group.

     Sample: Workflow Queue Group Security report

Report 4: Workflow Queue User Security

     Description: Shows the workflow queue privileges granted to, denied to, or inherited by a user.

     Sample: Workflow Queue User Security report

Report 5: Count of Document Pages by Drawer

     Description: Shows the number of document pages captured in a specific date range.

     Sample: Count of Document Pages by Drawer

Report 6: Current Items in Queue(s)

     Description: Shows the index values of the workflow items currently in the specified queue(s).

     Sample: Current Items in Queue(s)

Request a Report

To request one of the reports listed above, please send an email to [email protected]