To send the form data to Perceptive Content, the following setup is necessary. Logic
The Perceptive Content desktop client was made available to Facilities Management in order to prevent conflicts in Internet Explorer with Compass and WebNow.
Sometimes when Windows Update runs, it will accidentally delete the saved connection profile settings from within Perceptive Content.


Find requirements for Perceptive Content including Experience, the desktop client and scanning workstations.
Note: Most of these guides are from an older version of the software. You may notice a few minor differences, but generally they still are accurate for the version we are using.
Costs Paid by the UniversityThe following are Enterprise-funded costs covered by the University:
The Document Management team can provide reports to you, using the Business Insights tool, about Perceptive Content security, documents, users, and queues.
Canon and Fujitsu scanners are the two major brands used at the University.
Financial Document Imaging HelpFor questions concerning financial document imaging, please contact University Financial Help:
Web: Perceptive Experience, the web based instance of Perceptive Content, allows you to take advantage of most of the functionality of the desktop client via a web browser, so wherever you are, on cam

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