Perceptive Content: How to access Facilities Management (FM) Invoices in the Desktop Client

The Perceptive Content desktop client was made available to Facilities Management in order to prevent conflicts in Internet Explorer with Compass and WebNow. Webnow has now been replaced by Perceptive Experience which has resolved the issues with Internet Explorer and Compass. We encourage you to give Perceptive Experience a try and discover its many advantages! For more information, see Perceptive Experience: Searching and Viewing Documents.

If you choose to continue to use the desktop client, the information below is a guide for Facilities Management (FM) users to access their invoices in the Perceptive Content Desktop Client.


  1. Install the desktop client from Software Center. (See Software Center: Install and Uninstall Available Software for general instructions.)
  2. Launch Perceptive Content from your desktop. 
    • (Start > All Programs > Perceptive Content > Perceptive Content)
      windows start menu, perceptive content icon highlighted

  3. Sign in using your Internet ID and password, and click "Connect"
    perceptive content log in screen
  4. On the main toolbar, click on the down arrow next to Documents, and then click on T FCM FIN Voucherdocument dropdown, T FCM FIN Voucher selected
  5. The Perceptive Content Explorer window will open up.  Enter the Voucher # (from the Compass Email) in the search field and click Go
    search field highlighted with voucher number received from Compass email

  6. The voucher will be returned in the grid below.
    voucher search successful, highlighted in yellow

  7. Double-click on the voucher to open it up.
    document screen after double-clicking voucher

  8. To exit out of Perceptive Content, close all windows.
    x button is highlighted to close out of program

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