Oracle Database Hosting Service provides professionally-managed database environments for University academic, research, and administrative units. OIT uses Exadata by Oracle – a complete package of servers, storage, networking and software that is scalable and secure.

Services are provided in a shared hosting environment (referred to as 'hotels') where the databases of multiple University units are run in a secure and isolated fashion on a several large, redundant hosts.


  • Support for all Four SDLC Stacks: Database hosting customer are able to get Oracle database support for all four SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) stacks, that is; DEV, TST, ENT and PRD.
  • Database Schemas: Each University department gets one schema per database environment - one each for development, code and bug testing, integration/staging/performance testing, and production. Additional schemas may be provisioned according to project requirements, but will be subject to quotas on resource usage.
  • Schema Accounts: Database support creates schema accounts, whereas the PAR (Provisioning and Access Request) group creates duo authenticated individual accounts in hotel databases.
  • Back-end Database Support Services provided to database hosting customers include: 
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Monitoring
    • Patching