GitHub: Using GitHub for Enterprise Drupal

This Self-Help Guide is intended to assist developers that are going to develop within the University of Minnesota Drupal environment. There are three primary tools that are needed: Git, GitHub, and UMN Drupal (which consists of: Docker and DDEV to be able to run Drupal locally; a copy of the UMN Drupal codebase; a copy of your site's database and files).

Note: The OIT Drupal platform does not currently support site owners storing their site repositories on the UMN Github Cloud instance. We will send an announcement to our Drupal Enterprise Platform Google Group when that option becomes available. Presently, site owners must store their site repositories in the University On-Premise instance

Docker, DDEV & UMN Drupal

Configure a Drupal Enterprise Local Environment

Set Up UMN Drupal to Run Locally