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Google Forms

A tool for creating surveys, sign-up forms, or polls.


Create your own surveys, sign-up forms, impromptu poll using a variety of question options ranging from drop-downs, linear scales, and more! Results are stored in  Google Sheets for analysis and can be shared with friends and colleagues.


  • Collect survey data quickly and easily–responses are stored automatically in a Google spreadsheet
  • Gather, collect, and organize information from numerous people
  • Collect email addresses and other data from those who complete your form, if you choose
  • Create a form from an existing document or spreadsheet
  • Send a form or survey to any recipient with a valid email address (is not limited to Google users)
  • Respond to survey questions directly within an email, or by clicking on a link in the email and responding in a web browser
  • Embed forms into a website or blog

Getting Started

Intended Audience

Staff & Departments
Health Sciences Affiliates
IT Staff and Partners


University-funded: No charge.