Jadu Forms: Request to Move Form to Production

Please follow the steps below to have your Jadu form moved to production:

  1. Verify that the form has been thoroughly tested and works as expected. Follow the steps in XFP Self Help GuideCreate a Jadu Form column > Publish and Test a Form section > Test in the Form Building Environment subsection.
    Jadu XFP SHG, Create  a jadu form column. Test in the form building environment subsection highlighted.
  2. Go through the Jadu Forms Production Readiness Checklist.

    • The checklist is intended to guide you through the list of items on your form that will be checked and will help prevent a delay in moving your form to production. Submit your request via email.

  3. Open a TDX ticket to request that the form be moved to production.
    Please include the full form name in the ticket and request that the ticket be sent directly to the Jadu Forms support group.

    • Once the TDX ticket is assigned, the initial technical review will be completed by the Jadu Forms support group within 2-3 business days. See the Jadu Forms Production Readiness Checklist.
      • Form migration requests are assigned to the Jadu support team Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm.
    • You will be notified by email if changes need to be made to your form based on the technical review.
      • When the necessary form changes have been made, please respond to the email and another technical review will be completed.
    • Once a final technical review is complete, the form will be migrated to production. We'll let you know the date that it will be migrated.
      • The Jadu form migration windows are as follows:
        • Mondays 4:30pm-6:00pm
        • Thursday 5:30am-8:00am
    • You will also be sent an email when the form has been moved to production. The URL to the form will be included in the email. 
  4. Final Step: Make the form URL available to users using a Z link.