Jadu Forms: Request to Move Form to Production

Please follow the steps below to have your Jadu form moved to production:

  1. Verify that the form has been thoroughly tested and works as expected. Follow the steps in the XFP Self Help GuideCreate a Jadu Form column > Publish and Test a Form section > Test in the Form Building Environment subsection.
    Jadu XFP SHG, Create  a jadu form column. Test in the form building environment subsection highlighted.
  2. Complete the Jadu Forms Production Readiness Checklist.

    • The checklist is intended to guide you through the list of items on your form that will be checked and will help prevent a delay in moving your form to production.

  3. Fill out the Jadu Form & Workflow Migration Request form to request that the form be moved to production. This form will open a TDX ticket.

    • Once the TDX ticket is assigned, an initial technical review will be completed by the Jadu Forms support team within 2-3 business days.
    • You will be notified through the TDX ticket if you need to make changes to your form based on the technical review.
      • When any necessary form changes have been made, please respond in the TDX ticket and another technical review will be completed.
    • Once the form passes the technical review, we'll let you know the date that the form will be migrated to production.
    • You will be notified in the TDX ticket when the form has been successfully migrated to production.
      • We will also provide you with the form URL at this time.
      • Note: Please be sure to validate that the form is working correctly in production before making it available to users.
  4. Final Step: Make the form available to users.
    • We recommend using a Z link, which will remain constant even if you make changes to the form and is more user-friendly.

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