Jadu Central Production Readiness Checklist

This checklist should be completed prior to submitting a request to have your Jadu Central form moved to production. It is intended to guide you through the list of items on your form that will be checked and will help prevent a delay in moving your form to production.

Details tab



Verify there is only 1 category selected for your form



Make sure there is a meaningful Description.

  • Ex: "The Tuition Refund Appeal is for students who wish to appeal tuition and related fees for a particular term (in part or whole) due to extenuating circumstances."


Registered Users Only

If you are using digital signatures or Integrated Components, your form must have Registered users only enabled.



If you aren't using Registered users only, then you need to have reCAPTCHA enabled. (This is to ensure the form submitter is a human)


Pages tab

Form Structure


Integrated Component Inputs

Check that there are no red triangles next to your pages. If there are, this means one or more of your Integrated Component inputs is not set.
Integrated Component Inputs - Red Triangle


Page Templates


Page Template Names

All page template names must include the Category as the prefix.

  • Ex: T-OIT - Requester Information


Fields / Elements


File Upload

Ensure max number of files is set, up to 10 attachments per form. This can be split across multiple file upload fields if necessary.


Make sure to add help text or visible text that indicates the maximum number of files that can be attached to the form (up to 10) and the maximum file size accepted (up to 5MB per file).

  • Example:

file upload - help text example


Matrix / Repeatable Questions

Make sure the table is viewable on a mobile device


Text Block

If you write your text block in HTML, verify accessibility to meet UofM standards.


Publish tab

Health Check

Check for any health check warnings on the top right side of the page
health check warnings



Set this to FALSE.

  • This is to prevent the form from appearing in search engine results which we do not currently support.


Internal Only

Set this to FALSE.

  • We do not currently support this functionality



Templates tab

Unused Templates

Remove all templates that are not being used in a Rule.


Template Names

Make sure the template has a meaningful name.

  • Example: "Send Email to Requester"


Email Templates

Make sure to include the Form-Reference Number (Standard) placeholder somewhere in the email body or subject.

  • This is a key identifier that is needed by Technology Help and the Jadu support team for troubleshooting


If you write your email body in HTML, verify accessibility to meet UofM standards.


Show content on completion

If you write your content in HTML, verify accessibility to meet UofM standards.


File Export

Make sure the Connector title includes a prefix of your Category (ex: T-OIT)


Perceptive Submit Data Make sure fields are being truncated using the UMN - Perceptive Index - Trim Value logic if the field has the potential for having more than 39 characters Required


Note: OIT is not responsible for testing the form functionality or data accuracy. Complete and thorough form testing is the responsibility of the business unit.

Form Behavior

Required fields

Are all required fields working as expected?

Integrated Components

Test all use cases for Integrated Components.

Prefills and Logic

Verify form logic is working properly and fields are prefilled as expected.

Field Validation

If using a validation on a field, make sure it works as expected.

Form Branching

Make sure to test all paths that a form can branch to.

Submission Actions


Are emails being sent to the correct person, and is the data from placeholders and variables coming through as expected?

Use a conditional logic to determine a different recipient if the form is in TST versus PRD.

PDF Generation

Are all fields mapping correctly and populating the PDF correctly?

Perceptive Content

Verify documents are being sent to Perceptive with the correct index values and the right workflow queue.

Verify attachments are being sent (if applicable)

Submission Logs

Check submission logs for any errors by clicking on the submission number link and navigating to the Log tab.

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