Jadu XFP: Create Online Forms

This self-help guide takes you through the process of creating a form, setting up the page elements (such as text fields, drop downs check boxes) and the corresponding properties, and managing the submitted forms.

Jadu XFP is also known as Jadu XForms Professional and Jadu XForms Pro.

Getting Started

Choose the Right Forms Tool

There are a few UMN-supported tools you can use to create online form (Google Forms, Jadu Forms, ServiceNow and Workflow Gen). Choose the best one for your needs.

Learn about Access and Support

Learn about Accessibility and Usability

Create a Jadu Form

Create a Basic Form

Pages enable you to arrange your form so that the user only sees one section of the form at a time. You can add an instructions page at the beginning of the form, as well as page instructions at the beginning of each page.

The terms "elements," "fields" and "questions" are used interchangeably in Jadu Forms.

Actions on a Submitted Form

Advanced Features and Data

Access and Store Data

Data will be retained in Jadu for three months. All form data will need to be transferred to another location.