Jadu Forms: Accessibility

Form accessibility requirements include appropriate use of some HTML elements: LABEL, LEGEND, FIELDSET, and headings (e.g. H1, H2, H3, ...).  The LABEL element should be used with each form element,  LEGEND and FIELDSET elements should be used with each set of radio buttons or checkboxes, and headings should be used to provide meaningful structure.

How Jadu Supports Form Accessibility


As you enter label text in the form builder, Jadu automatically adds the required HTML LABEL elements, and associates them with the appropriate form field.  


For each set of checkboxes or radio buttons used in a form, Jadu automatically adds an HTML FIELDSET element and a LEGEND element.


In Jadu Forms, the form title is coded as an H1 heading, and appears on each page of the form.
Page titles are coded as H2 headings, and appear on each page of the form, except for the Instructions Page.
If your Jadu form includes an Instructions Page or Page Instructions, use appropriate headings as you write these instructions.