Jadu Central: File Upload Considerations

File Upload elements are useful when you need form submitters to upload a document or photo to attach to a form.

The following list of considerations should be taken into account when using the File Upload element on Jadu Central forms.

Important: All form builders are required to include help text with upload criteria on any File Upload elements that are used on a form.

  • Number of files: The maximum number of uploaded files allowed is 10 per form.
    • Required: As a form builder, you must set the maximum to 10 in order to avoid potential end-user issues. If the maximum is not set and more than 10 files are uploaded onto a form, only the first ten will be included on the form.
  • File size: Each uploaded file can be no larger than 5MB.
    • If a file is larger than 5 MB, a large red X will be shown and the file must be removed before the end user can continue filling out the form.
    • Note: iPhone photos tend to be very large. 
  • Special characters and accent marks: Do not use in file names, as they could impact various downstream applications that you are using in your process. 
  • Types of files allowed: There are no system limitations to the types of files allowed. However, form builders should consider business process limitations on file types accepted.

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