Jadu Central: Choose an Action Template Type

When you create an Action Template, you will be prompted to choose a Template Type. Some of the listed Template Types are unavailable in our implementation of Jadu Forms, as shown in the list below the screenshot.
Jadu Central Action Template Types dropdown expanded

  • Completion
    • Show content on form completion - display response page with submitted content
  • Email
    • Send Email - send one or more emails
  • Event Booking - unavailable at University of Minnesota
    • Amend Booking Details
    • Delete Booking
    • Move Booking
  • File Output
    • Export as file
  • Jadu Connect
    • Attach File
    • Create Case
    • Create Person
    • Edit Case
    • Invite User
    • Transition Case
  • Jadu Directories
    • Submit a Directory Entry - unavailable at University of Minnesota
  • PDF Generation
    • Create PDF of Submission - populates your existing PDF with Jadu data
  • Perceptive Content
    • Submit Data - submits your already-generated PDF to Perceptive Content

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