Jadu Central: Understand Jadu Terminology

Creating Jadu Forms will be easier if you understand their vocabulary.

Jadu Central Terminology

 Term  Definition
 Form The entire question set you want the end users to complete. May include an instruction page and multiple pages with questions (fields).
 Pages A set of questions can be organized on a single page. Each Jadu Central form can have multiple pages.
 Elements The individual fields (questions) that the end user will enter data into.
 Instruction Pages Presented to the customer at the very beginning of your form. They help the customer understand how to complete the form and should apply to the whole form. 
 Page Instructions Guidance specific to a page that is presented on the page itself.

Diagram of a Multi-Page Jadu Central Form

Diagram of a Multi-Page Jadu Form

A Jadu Central Form contains Pages, sometimes known as Page Templates.
A Page contains Elements, also known as Page Elements, Questions, or Fields.

Among the Pages is an optional Instructions Page, which appears before the other Pages of the Form.
Each Page may have optional Page Instructions.

As you create your Form, you will see a Page Structure Diagram.  

The Jadu Central Forms reference manual contains a step-by-step description of creating a form.

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