Jadu Central: Logic in a Form

Using logic in Jadu Central forms enables you to create formulas to calculate numeric and textual values. These values can then be used for a number of different purposes throughout your form, such as question prefills, form-level branching rules, and deciding whether to activate a rule.

The logic available in Jadu Central forms includes:

Logic Type Description Example
Predefined Logic Use the predefined logic type to add reusable formulas to your form. The University of Minnesota provides some Predefined Logic Formulas which retrieve data from our other systems, such as Peoplesoft or Jadu Connect. Pulling data from a Jadu Connect case type or Peoplesoft to autofill form fields.
Mathematical Logic Use the mathematical logic type to build a mathematical formula that Jadu Central forms can evaluate. Selecting a field from your form with a numerical value (ex. "Number of items Requested") and adding in the desired mathematical formula (ex. "+ 10") for the form to calculate using the submission data. 
Literal Logic Use the literal logic type to build a textual string of data. Autofilling a user's name to personalize automated emails.
Conditional Logic Use conditional logic to make decisions using IF/ELSE style logic for branching rules, prefills, and rules to use with action templates. Set a conditional logic to trigger based upon actions using a form response, text, or other logic in your form.

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