Jadu Central: Predefined Logic

When you create your predefined logic, choose one of the items in the table below from the Formula menu.
Choose a formula for Predefined Logic

The following predefined logic (formulas) are available.

Please note: The documentation uses the term "Data". The "Data" section describes what will be available in logic, prefills and action templates when the integrated component is used.

Predefined Logic (Formula) Name Description Source of Data
UMN - ADM - FICE Code Allows a user to lookup a school's FICE code using the Peoplesoft external organization ID. Peoplesoft
UMN - Flag - SR - Degree Checkout Status Allows a user to lookup the logged in end user's degree checkout status. Peoplesoft
UMN - Flag - SR - User Has Active Career Determines if the logged in end user has an active career based on the career and campus selected by the form builder. Peoplesoft
UMN - Flag - USERV - Can Access PAN Determines if the logged in end user can access data in the PAN database. PAN
UMN - Jadu - Current Environment
Determines if the form is being used in the TST (test) or PRD (production) environment.
UMN - Perceptive Index - Trim Value Pass in a value and it will be trimmed down to 39 characters. This is intended to be used as a Perceptive index. Jadu
UMN - SR - Current Term Pulls the current term for the campus and career selected. Peoplesoft

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