Jadu Central: Integrated Component Inputs

Some integrated components need extra information in order to work. This extra information is referred to as an input. You can check to see if an integrated component requires an input in the integrated component documentation.

Example Input

An example where an input would be needed is: An integrated component that pulls a list of terms would need to know which campus to pull term list from. The input would be the campus ID.

Enter Integrated Component Inputs

  1. Add the integrated component to the page.
  2. Go back to the Form Structure and click on the page that you put the integrated component on.
    • If the page is already on the form structure, it will have a red triangle. This means that the page has inputs that have not been set.
      Jadu IC Inputs - form structure
  3. Scroll down to the Page Setup section.
    • All inputs for all integrated components on the page will show here. You can tell which inputs belong to which integrated component based on the help text below each input.
      Jadu Forms IC Inputs PageSetup
  4. Select a value for each input. There are two types of inputs:
    1. Inputs that map to questions or logic on the form
      Jadu Forms IC Inputs Map
    2. Inputs with predefined choices
      Jadu Forms IC Inputs Predefined
  5. Once all inputs have a value, click the Save button.

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