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USERV - D - Position Detail - Craft (PAN)

Description: Displays the craft of the currently selected position. If the position doesn't exist, the field will be empty.

  • Note: This integrated component is intended to be used with the USERV Active Position Lookup integrated component.

Source System: PAN Database

Fields On Form:

  • Craft (Display Field)


  • Craft

Setup Prerequisites:

  • Setup Source of Position ID - This input will determine the craft based on the position ID. This input must map to another field that exists on the form. There are three options:
    • Integrated Component - Add an integrated component, that outputs the position ID, to the form on a previous page. (It can t be on the same page as this integrated component.)
    • Logic (Predefined) - Add a predefined logic that outputs the position ID to the form.
    • Logic (Literal) - Add a literal logic and manually enter the position ID.
      • The position ID needs to be a valid PAN position ID. Example: 250867

Setup Instructions:

After adding this component to a form, the following input will need to be set on the Form Structure page. Refer to the Integrated Components Input article for additional details on setting inputs.

  • Position ID - Select the Position ID source that was set up in the prerequisite.

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