Jadu Connect: Pull Case Data into a Subsequent Form (Task 5)

This is the fifth of nine tasks for setting up your Jadu Central forms to work with Jadu Connect. Please go to the Self-Help Guide, under the Configure a Jadu Connect Workflow column, for more information.

This article explains how to pull data from an existing Jadu Connect case into a subsequent form in a workflow process.

Note: The following steps are completed in Jadu Central within a subsequent or next form of your workflow process.

Creating Logics to Store Data from Jadu Connect

In order to pull data from Jadu Connect onto your form, you need to create a logic for each Jadu Connect field in your case type. When you submit your Jadu Central form, the submission updates the existing case, sending all mapped field data back to Jadu Connect.

Note: When an Jadu Central form updates data in Jadu Connect, any field not mapped in the Jadu Connect Form template will be empty in Jadu Connect.

  1. From the Advanced tab, click Create Logic.
    1. Name: It's good practice to prefix all logics that pull data from Jadu Connect with a standard prefix like Case or WF (for "workflow") - to help distinguish from other logics on your form (Example: WF - Item)
      • Note: If you are using the legacy name/prefix of Jadu Connect, there is no requirement to update your Logic Names.
    2. Type: Select Predefined
    3. Formula: Select Jadu Connect - Value of field for a specific case from the dropdown.
      Jadu Central logic page. Name, Predefined type, and Connect - value of field for specific case formula highlighted.
    4. The Description and Inputs sections appear. Choose the following Inputs:
      • Jadu Connect Case Reference: Select the Case Number (Landing Page) field from the integrated component added on your landing page.
      • Jadu Connect Field: Select the field from your Jadu Connect Case type you wish to pull the data from
      • Run as signed in user: Leave as No.
        Jadu Central logic Inputs section. Case information - Case number and example Jadu Connect field approver_1_email highlighted.

Displaying Data from a Jadu Connect Case on the Form (Optional)

You can choose to display data from your Jadu Connect case on the form for viewing or editing. For example, you may want to display the initial requester's name and some details from their request to the approver. This data can be shown in display-only or editable fields depending on your business requirements.

  1. Create the fields on your form that you wish to populate Jadu Connect case data into.
  2. Select the Prefills tab.
  3. Click Add Prefill.
    1. I want to prefill: select the form field you want to populate data into
    2. With the value of: select the appropriate logic containing the Jadu Connect field data
      Add prefill options with sample information added. "I want to prefill" Requester Email "With the value of" WF - Requester Email
  4. Click Save.

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