Jadu Connect: Verify the Case Creation (Task 3)

This is the third of nine tasks to setting up your Jadu Central forms to work with Jadu Connect. Please go to the Self-Help Guide, under the Configure a Jadu Connect Workflow column, for more information.

After completing tasks 1 and 2, test the form for the following functionality before moving on to the Update Jadu Connect Case section in the Self-Help Guide: 

  • Successful Jadu Connect case creation
  • Data populates correctly in the Jadu Connect case
  • The URL to the next form generates correctly

Note: This is not a comprehensive list of testing steps for your Jadu Central form(s). Your forms may need additional testing.

In this article:

Testing the Jadu Central Form Submission

Testing your Jadu Central form submission for all possible paths ensures that your form functions the way that you expect, to create cases in Jadu Connect. 

  1. Log into the Jadu Central Form Building Environment.
  2. Access the live version of your "first form" in Jadu Central.
    • You can access the form from the Publish tab within the form page
    • Or, you can click View Live from the main forms page
  3. Fill out and submit your Jadu Central form.
    1. Make sure to fill out all fields so you can make sure they map correctly to the Jadu Connect fields
    2. If you have page branching or conditional sections, make sure to complete a form for each possible scenario to test all fields
  4. Go to the Received tab in your Jadu Central form
    1. Click link under Reference to open the most recent submission.
    2. Click on the Log tab to check for:
      • success status in the Jadu Connect Type section
      • Case reference number in the Info section
        Jadu Central Received forms tab, log section. Example case reference number open. Success status and Connect case number highlighted.
      • If the status is error, click on the View details link in the Actions section to see more information.

Checking the Case Creation in Jadu Connect

  1. Log into the Jadu Connect Workflow Building Environment
  2. Find the Reference number that matches the reference number listed in the Jadu Central log
    1. Make sure the status matches your desired status after a case is created.
      Jadu Connect. Case reference number  highlighted with status "submitted".
  3. Click the case Reference link for the submission you wish to view.
    1. Click the History tab
    2. Under Event, make sure the text says Case Created
      Jadu Connect case reference page. History tab. Case creation event highlighted. 
    3. Click on View details to see the data sent from Jadu Central when the case was created. Make sure:
      • the correct data is in each field
      • all fields expected to have data are correctly populated
        Jadu CXM case created. Case details display highlighted. Example form fields filled out from submission: Form Name, Item Requested, Requested by, Requester Email, Comments. All fields are complete.  There is also a Next form URL link and unique Access Code listed.
      • If a field is on your Jadu Connect form but not listed, then no data sent from Jadu Central for that field.

Verifying an Email Sends with a Complete URL to the Next Form

  1. From your inbox, open the email sent from Jadu Central.
  2. Make sure:
    • The Jadu Connect Case Number successfully populated in the email subject
    • The URL in the email is a complete link that includes the same case number at the end.
      Example email sent using XFP template. Case reference number in the subject line and URL link in the email body highlighted.
      • Note: The URL can be fully tested after completing the tasks in the Update Jadu Connect Case section.

Next Task in Setting up your Jadu Central Forms to Work with Jadu Connect

Task 4: Connect Jadu Central Form to Jadu Connect case


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