Training Hub is the University of Minnesota's system for required and optional training.
Cancelling a section in Training Hub removes all enrollment options for the section. It also removes the section from the Training Hub Catalog (if it was enabled).
Training Administrators, Proxy Enrollers, and Instructors are all administrative users within Training Hub. Each role has different administrative privileges.
There are many ways to configure a Training Hub section that has an evaluation.
Courses with online content that are delivered via the Training Hub should store that content in Canvas. These instructions will help you set up a Canvas course site for use with the Training Hub.
In Training Hub, the course details page displays:
Creating a course in Training Hub is a simple process of first entering the course and then adding the sections to the course. In this article we will cover the first part of that process.
Creating sections in Training Hub is a simple process. First you must enter the course information (see Creating a New Course).
If you do not have a University of Minnesota Internet ID to use for enrollment in Training Hub courses, you can create a guest account using your personal email address.
When a section is created, it will have the default set of eight notifications added.
We encourage training providers to adopt a standard convention for their course numbers. It will streamline creating courses and you will be able to quickly identify the courses you administer.
Each section of a course has default notifications. These are included whenever a new section is created. The default notifications are added using the system-wide templates.
The course catalog in Training Hub lists all courses that are active and have been published to the catalog. Each course will have at least one section.
Training Admins and Proxy Enrollers can enroll learners into a section in any course that they administer. There are three main steps in the Enroll Learners process:
Training Admins and Proxy Enrollers can enroll multiple employees at once into any section they administer. Training Hub allows you to search for and select learners from:
Training Hub does not have a means of creating evaluations or assessments. You would need to create them outside of Training Hub. There are many options that you can use:
Training Hub will allow sections to have a waitlist if there is a maximum enrollment for the section.
If you enroll in a course, but there are no open seats, you will be added to the waitlist for the course.
Each section can have one or more delivery methods: Instructor Led Training (ILT), Canvas, or Other Online Source.
This article contains information about:
If you were enrolled in a course, and withdrew, the course will be listed on your Past Training tab. If the course is still active, there will be a Re-Enroll button.
Some courses can be removed. Removing a course will delete the entire course, including all sections.
A section can be removed from a course only if there are no enrolled, in progress, or completed learners in the section. The action will remove all information about the section. It cannot be undone.
Training Hub provides a variety of training data reports for different uses. The reports are hosted on the Tableau server and are refreshed hourly.
There are three statuses for a course: Draft, Active, and Retired. When you set a course status to Retired, it means:
Retiring a section in Training Hub removes all enrollment options for the section. Enrolled learners can still access the section information via their transcript. A retired section cannot be made Active.
If you have configured a Training Hub course section to have a Canvas delivery method and it is set to Canvas Reports Completion, you will need to configure the Canvas course so that the completions are reported back
For learners who need help with managing training (enroll, withdraw, waitlist, view training history), please use the
SCORM is a set of technical standards for e-learning software products. 
In Training Hub, courses and sections each have lifecycles. At the top of the Edit Course page and the Edit Section page, a status box displays key information.
In Training Hub, a course consists of:
In the Training Hub, Sections contain the information about a specific training event. Sections enable you to offer the same course multiple times. For each occurrence of the course, you create a section.
If a course is Active, there is an option to display the course in the Training Hub Catalog.
This article is for Training Hub instructors. If you are a Training Hub administrator, use the
This article is for Training Hub administrators.  If you are a Training Hub instructor, use the 
This article is for Training Administrators, Proxy Enrollers, and Instructors in Training Hub. A course section can be set up to allow a waitlist.
The Supervisor Report includes all direct reports for a manager: e
To view your training history for courses in Training Hub, log in to and select My Training
You can withdraw from any course that is not required.
Training Administrators and Proxy Enrollers can bulk withdraw learners from a course section that they have rights to. Only learners that have an Enrolled status can be withdrawn.


Please note: courses that must be available in June, should be entered into the Training Hub in May.

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