Training Hub: Enroll Multiple Learners in a Section

Training Admins and Proxy Enrollers can enroll multiple employees at once into any section they administer. Training Hub allows you to search for and select learners from:

  • Collegiate or Administrative Unit (RRC)
  • Department Roll-up (ZDeptID)
  • Department (DeptID)

You can further filter the search by Managers/Supervisors or Non-Managerial Employees.

The ability to enroll multiple learners will only work for employees, including student employees. Neither non-employed students nor guests can be enrolled using this tool. 

Enroll Multiple Learners in a Section

  1. Log in to
  2. Select Admin Console
  3. Select Enroll Learners
  4. Choose the course/section from the dropdown menu
    • The list only displays courses that are administered by the training admin
    • Use the search box at the top of the list to filter the list
      the section selection with basic typed in search box.
  5. Select the Find Groups of Employees tab
  6. Choose one of the filter options (RRC, ZDeptID, DeptID) to display a list of all employees in the organizational unit.
    • The DeptID does not automatically display a list. You must type at least 4 characters in the search field. The entire [DeptID - DeptID Description] is searched. In the example below left, the character string ends with a space (since 4 characters are required)
      the department search with oit typed in search field.the department search with 1005 typed in field.
  7. All employees matching the search are displayed at the bottom of the form.
  8. Select the learners you want to enroll in the training. You can either: 
    1. Use the Select All button at the top right of the list to select all learners
    2. Alternatively, you can manually check the Selected checkboxes for a subset of learners
  9. ContinueThe Complete enrollment form is displayed.
  10. Use the options at the top to configure enrollment:
    • If the Require this training for these learners option is selected, the learner won't be able to withdraw.
    • If the training has a due date, enter a date in the Training Due Date for these Learners. The Due Date notification(s) will remind the learner if they haven't completed.
    • Select whether to send the Enrollment Confirmation
  11. Click Enroll Learners in Training. The learner is enrolled and the Admin Console is displayed with a confirmation at the top of the page.
    the enrollment confirmation.

Sections with Maximum Capacity

There are different behaviors for the Enroll Multiple Learners tool if a section has a maximum capacity set. On the search screen, the relevant information about the section is displayed:

  the information about basic excel showing 2 open seats.the section information showing no open seats.

Scenario 1: Enrolling learners into Excel 005

If number of learners is 2 or fewer, all learners are enrolled.

Scenario 2: Enrolling learners into Excel 001

If number of learners is 3 or greater:

Training Admins will see a message similar to this one


Proxy Enrollers will see a message similar to this one

 the warning message you have selected too many learners.

Scenario 3: Enrolling learners into Basic UM Analytics: 003

Training Hub will display a message: "Section is at maximum capacity". There are two options:

  • Override Maximum Capacity and Enroll Learners. This will enroll the learners. If the maximum capacity is 5, and 7 learners are being enrolled, the number of enrolled learners in the section will be 12. The maximum capacity will still be 5.
    Note: This option is only available to Training Admins; Proxy Enrolllers will not be given the option to override the maximum capacity.
  • Add Learners to Waitlist. This will add all learners to the waitlist.

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