Training Hub: Enroll in Training

The course catalog in Training Hub lists all courses that are active and have been published to the catalog. Each course will have at least one section. To enroll in a course section, click the green Enroll in Course button on the course details page.

Find and Enroll in a Course in the Course Catalog

  1. Log in to
    • If you do not have a University of Minnesota internet account, you can create a Guest Account.
      • It can take up to five minutes for a newly created guest account to be provisioned in Canvas. If you receive an "Access Denied" error when trying to access the Canvas course, close the browser window and wait a few minutes before launching the Canvas course from the Training Hub course page.
  2. Select Course Catalog
  3. Find the course
    1. Use the Keyword search to filter the courses. The keyword searches these fields: Course Title, Course Number, and Short Description.
    2. Use the Department offering training drop-down list to filter the courses by department
      • Both filters can be used together. In this image, the keyword is Basic, and the department is OIT EUS
        the search for courses form with basic in the keyword and oit eus selected in the department.
  4. Select the course name. The course details page is displayed.
    • The course details page displays the Title, Short Description, Long Description, Prerequisites (if defined), and a table showing a list of sections.
  5. Scroll down to the Sections table.
  6. Click the Enroll in Course button for the section you wish enroll in
    • If the course was not at capacity, a confirmation of enrollment will appear at the top of the page.
    • You may also receive a confirmation of enrollment email.
      the status bar displaying you have been enrolled in this course.
    • If the course is at capacity, a confirmation that you've been added to the waitlist will appear at the top of the page.
    • You may also receive a confirmation email that you were added to the waitlist.
      the status of being added to the waitlist.

The Sections Table

Here is an example sections table for a course. It shows a few options you might see:

the sections table of a course showing 6 possible statuses in the right column.

For this sections table:

  1. Section 001: The learner is enrolled. The label Enrolled is on the left, and a View Details button is on the right.
  2. Section 002: The learner is on the waitlist. The label Waitlisted (position #) is on the left, and a View Details button is on the right.
  3. Section 003: There are open seats in this section. The Enroll in Course button is available.
  4. Section 004: There are no open seats in this section, but it allows a waitlist. The Enroll in Waitlist button is available.
  5. Section 005: All available seats are filled, and the section does not allow a waitlist. Enrollment is not allowed.
  6. Section 006: Enrollment is not allowed for this learner.

No Enrollment Option for a section

If you are viewing a course, and there isn't an enroll button for a section, there are a few possibilities that could be true:

  • If a section of a course does not allow self-enrollment, but is displayed in the catalog, there won't be an option to enroll.
  • Sections can be configured with a maximum enrollment and whether it allows learners to add themselves to a waitlist. If a course has met its maximum enrollment, and the enroll button is available, the learner will be added to the waitlist. If a section does not allow a waitlist, and the course is at maximum enrollment, there will not be an enrollment button.
  • Courses can require a prerequisite. If a course has a prerequisite, and you have not met it, there will not be an enrollment button.


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