Training Hub: Copy your Canvas Development Site to your Canvas Training Site

Courses with online content that are delivered via the Training Hub should store that content in Canvas. These instructions will help you set up a Canvas course site for use with the Training Hub.

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Preparing your Canvas development site

Putting your content in Modules

In order to have your learner's training completion automatically tracked in the Training Hub, you will want to set up your course content using Modules. Refer to these articles to set up the content on your course site.

Setting up a home page for your course

A homepage can help your learners feel confident they are in the right place, and give them further instructions on how they need to complete a training.

Locating your Training Hub Canvas course site

When you create a new section of a course in Training Hub and choose Canvas as the delivery method, a new Canvas course site is created (it may take a few minutes to be created).

The Canvas course site will be named "Training Hub Course Title - Training Hub Section Title" and the Canvas Course Code will be "Training Hub Course Number".

The training admin that created the section and any specified instructors of the section in the Training Hub section will be given the Teacher role in the Canvas course site.

The Canvas course site will appear on the dashboard in Canvas for anyone that has the Teacher role. You can also find the Canvas course site in the section table of the Training Hub course.

the section table on the course page in training hub showing one section and the canvas course link is highlighted.

Copying the content from your development site

  1. Open your Canvas training site (the one that was created via the Training Hub).
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Course Navigation Menu on the left and click Settings.
  3. Click Import Course Content on the right or the bottom of the page.
  4. In the Content menu, select Copy a Canvas Course.
  5. Search for the name of your development site and select your development site.
  6. Choose All Content.
  7. Click Import.

Adding the Complete Course LTI to communicate back to Training Hub

  1. Open your Canvas training site (the one that was created via the Training Hub), if necessary.
  2. Navigate into the Modules area.
  3. Add a final module to your course called Training Completion.
  4. Add the Complete Course External Tool to the new module.
    1. Click Plus button in the upper right of the Training Completion module.
    2. Select External Tool next to Add.
    3. Select Complete Course.
    4. Click Add Item.
  5. Set the required prerequisites on the Training Completion module

Publish the course

When you are ready to open your course to learners, make sure you publish your course before you open it for enrollment in the Training Hub. 

Reuse your development site

Once you've copied your development site over, you can use it for developing a different course site. You might want to add a note for yourself on the homepage so you remember it's the development site. 

Additional Resources

There are a wealth of resources for developing in Canvas. You can get started with them on the Canvas Technology page.



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