Training Hub: View a Roster for a Section

This article is for Training Hub instructors. If you are a Training Hub administrator, use the Training Administrator roster guide instead.

Every Training Hub course has one or more section, and every section can have instructor(s) assigned to it.

Each section has a roster which displays all learners that are enrolled, withdrawn, completed, or waitlisted. Instructors assigned to the section can access the section roster from the Admin Console. Instructors can only view the roster for their sections.

View the roster for a course section

  1. Log in to Training Hub
  2. Select Admin Console
  3. Select Manage Courses. A table displaying all courses for the instructor is displayed.
    a table showing courses for the instructor. there are two courses listed.
  4. Find the course in the table
    • The table will be sorted by course title, but it can be sorted by any of the columns by clicking the column header
    • The table will display 25 entries. The number of courses displayed can be increased by using the selector at the top of the table
    • The entire table can be searched using the search courses box at the top of the table.
  5. Select the number in the Active Sections column. The course page is displayed.
    the course page showing information about the course, and a table at the bottom listing the sections for the instructor
  6. Click the numbers in the Enrolled / Max / Waitlist column to go to the roster.
    • In the screenshot above, the numbers show that there are 5 enrolled learners, the section has a maximum enrollment of 7, and nobody is on the waitlist.
    • The View button will display the section details page, and also has a link to the roster.
      a course details page showing a button labeled manage roster



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