Training Hub: Decide Course Naming Schema

We encourage training providers to adopt a standard convention for their course numbers. It will streamline creating courses and you will be able to quickly identify the courses you administer.

About Course Titles, Course Numbers, and Section Identifiers

There are two fields that identify courses: Course Title and Course Number.

Every course will have one or more sections. Each section has a Section Identifier.

  • Course Title can have 255 characters (letters, numbers, punctuation).
    • The Course Title can be changed.
    • Only the first 30 characters are stored in the Course Title field in the Data Warehouse.
  • Course Number can have 6 characters, only letters and numbers are permitted.
    • Must be unique among active and draft courses in Training Hub.
      • If you need to create a new "version" of a course but keep the same course number, you will need to retire the old course. You can then create the new course and use the same course number.
    • Cannot be edited after the course is created.
    • Is stored in the Course field in the Data Warehouse.
  • Section Identifier can have 20 characters (letters, numbers, punctuation)
    • Must be unique to the Course.
    • Can be edited.
    • Is not stored in the Data Warehouse.

Course Number Recommendations

Since you only have six characters to work with, we recommend using a consistent two or three letter prefix along with four or three numbers assigned incrementally. For example, if the OIT End User Support Services adopts "EUS" as its standard course number prefix, its course numbers would look like EUS001, EUS002, €¦, EUS01A.

In the shared Training Provider spreadsheet you can view the course number prefix that is in use by your unit. If you are a new training provider and would like to reserve a prefix for your unit, contact [email protected].


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