Training Hub: View the Supervisor Report

The Supervisor Report includes all direct reports for a manager: employees, student workers, and temp/casual employees. After logging in, the full report will be displayed, showing the status of all training for the direct reports. At the top of the report are filters that control what information is displayed in the table.

Note: Supervisors should be aware that this report may contain private student data.

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Understanding report data

The data in the report is refreshed hourly. The last data refresh timestamp appears at the top of the report, just below the supervisor's name.

The report uses Training Hub data.  It does not display any information from previous training management systems. If you need to view past training records (before June 1, 2018), you can use the Training History report in MyU. See Reporting Center: Find Training Records for an Employee, Student, Department or Course in Reporting Center .

Filtering the Supervisor Report

There are four filters at the top of the report: three drop-down menus and a pie chart.

the top part of the report showing the managers name, last update timestamp, and the four filters.

Use the drop-down selectors on the right side to filter by Course Name, Employee, or Employee Status in the report.

The four filters are linked and will only show relevant values. For example, if the Course Nam filter is only displaying Preventing Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Retaliation for Employees, then only those employees that have been assigned the training will be in the Employee drop-down filter.

Filtering by Completion Status

The pie chart on the left can be used to filter on completion status. For example, in the below image, only the red "past due" slice is selected, showing all of the training records that are past the due date and not completed.

the report showing the pie chart slice for past due is selected and the table at the bottom is only showing the trainings that are past due.

Viewing data for Preventing Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Retaliation

To view the status of Preventing Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Retaliation training for your employees, use the filters at the top.

  1. Select the Course Name drop-down
    1. Deselect the (All) checkbox to deselect all courses
    2. Select the checkboxes for Preventing Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Retaliation for Employees and Preventing Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Retaliation for Supervisors
  2. All training records for the course(s) will be displayed.
    1. Employees with a status other than active will not display unless you change the Status filter. Employees with non-active statuses are not expected to complete the training until their status changes to active.
    2. Temp/Casual employees will not be assigned the training until they have worked 40 hours or more in the fiscal year.
    3. Student employees will be assigned the training.
    4. The initial enrollment for this course for most employees is on March 20, 2021. The due date is May 27, 2021. Employees who were hired after March 20, 2021, or temp/casual employees who have not met the 40 hours/fiscal year minimum by March 20, 2021, will be enrolled in the training on or around June 1, 2021.