Training Hub: Understand the Training Hub Course/Section Model

Update 7/16/2021

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    • If a user reports difficulty getting to training content during this time, ask them to wait until after 10 am.

Courses and Sections define training events in Training Hub. A Course in Training Hub can be thought of as the container information -- things like: course descriptions, prerequisites, etc. -- items that are applicable to all sections. Each course contains one or more sections which contain the information that is unique to a training event -- things like: delivery method, notifications, instructors, etc.

Course Catalog

Both Courses and Sections have an option to be displayed in the Training Hub Catalog. If the course and the section both are set to be displayed in the training hub catalog, then learners will be able to browse to the course page and see the section.

Admin Enrollment

The ability for Training Administrators to enroll learners into sections is not dependant on the course or section being displayed in the catalog. Training Admins can enroll learners into their sections directly. Once a learner is enrolled in a section, they will be able to see the course page and section information via their My Training page.

Self-Enrollment for Learners

Sections have an option to allow self-enrollment. There are two options:

  • Allow only employees to self enroll
  • Allow anyone with a University of Minnesota login (employees, students, guests)

Both the course and section need to be set to be displayed in Training Hub catalog so that learners can view the section on the course page.


Courses and Sections have statuses. For each, the available statuses are:

  • Courses
    • Draft
    • Active
    • Retired
  • Sections
    • Draft
    • Active
    • Retired
    • Cancelled

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