Training Hub: Withdraw Several Learners from a Course Section

Training Administrators and Proxy Enrollers can bulk withdraw learners from a course section that they have rights to. Only learners that have an Enrolled status can be withdrawn.

You cannot withdraw learners using this method with the status:

  • Complete. These learners cannot be withdrawn.
  • In Progress - meaning they've completed one delivery method for multi-delivery method sections. These learners can be withdrawn via the roster.
  • Waitlisted. These learners can be withdrawn via the waitlist.

Withdrawing several learners at once

  1. Log in to Training Hub
  2. Navigate to the appropriate roster:
    1. Select Admin Console.
    2. Select Manage Courses.
    3. Select Edit for the appropriate Course.
    4. Scroll down to the Section table.
    5. Select the link in the Enrolled/Max/Waitlist column to open the section roster.
      • Alternatively, select the Edit button for the section and then scroll down and select the Manage Roster button.
  3. Select Withdraw Learners at the top right of the roster page. The Bulk Withdraw Learners page is displayed.
  4. Select the drop-down tool for Choose a method to identify your learners. There are two options you can paste in a list of email addresses, or you can upload a comma separated values (.csv) file that contains the email addresses.
    1. Select Enter a list of email addresses. A text box is displayed.
      1. Review the requirements for the format of the list of email addresses
      2. Enter or paste the list of email addresses in the text box.
    2. Select Upload a file of email addresses.
      1. Select the Choose File button. A file browser window is displayed.
        1. Review the requirements for the format of the comma separated file.
        2. Select the comma separated values (.csv) file.
        3. Select Choose for Upload.
        4. Select Upload CSV.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Review the results.
    • If necessary, you can select Back to Select Learners to enter a modified list of email addresses or upload a different .csv file, then click Continue again.
  7. On the Available to Withdraw tab, select the learners to withdraw.
    1. There are three other tabs
      1. Learners Not Found: these email addresses are not in the Training Hub database.
      2. Unavailable to Withdraw: these learners are either complete, withdrawn, in progress, or not enrolled.
      3. Enrollment Still Processing: these learners were recently enrolled in the section, and the enrollment is still in progress. When the enrollment is complete, these learners can then be withdrawn from the section.
  8. Select Continue. The Complete Withdrawal page is displayed.
  9. Review the list of selected learners.
    • If the section has a withdrawal confirmation email enabled, choose whether to send the email to the learners.
  10. Select Withdraw Learners from Training. The learners are withdrawn and the section roster is displayed.

If the section has Canvas as a delivery method, it can take a few minutes to withdraw the learners from the Canvas course site. Refresh the roster page to see the progress.


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