This article will give you instructions on how to interrupt the greeting and start recording a message.
This article provides a comprehensive list of the menu options listed in the Voicemail Portal. The numbers are listed in the order you will hear them.
This article discusses how to change your recorded name on your University voicemail.
This article discusses how to enable and disable voicemail messages on your University voicemail.
These instructions outline how to setup your new voicemail or to make changes to an existing voicemail. Table of Contents:
This article walks you through how to leave messages for other users from within your Voice Mailbox.
This article will provide step by step instructions for accessing your voicemail messages and deleting them one by one or deleting all messages at once.
This article discusses how to set your greeting on your voicemail. This article discusses the Busy Greeting for if you are on another call and the No Answer greeting for when you do not answer your phone.
Once setup and entered into the web portal you are able to change the password for your telephone interface.
This article discusses the process for setting an extended away greeting on your voicemial. Sometimes you are going to be out of the office for an extended period of time, such a vacation or leave of absence.
This article shows you how to setup the number you'd like people calling you to get forwarded to if they Press 0 during your greeting.
This article discusses setting up an Alias for easy access to voicemail.
This article describes how to setup your voicemail so that you can get a .wav file of your voicemail sent to your email inbox, or if you know your pager's email code a notification to your pager, either instead of or


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Self-Help Guides

This self-help guide provides instructions for setting up and using your UMN voicemail.