Unified Communication (Voicemail): Set a No Answer Greeting

Your No Answer Greeting is the message that users will hear if they are calling your number and you do not answer the phone. This is only one of the available greeting options in your new voicemail. You are also able to record a Busy Greeting and an Extended Away Greeting.

Setting a no answer greeting

  1. From your desk phone, dial 6-0001 (if you are dialing from outside of the University dial 612-626-0001).
  2. When prompted, enter your mailbox number and password.
  3. Press 1 to Access Your Voice Mailbox.
  4. Press 3 to receive the following options in regards to No Answer Greetings:
    • Press 1 to record a new greeting.
      1. Wait for the tone.
      2. Record your greeting.
      3. Press # to finalize.
    • Press 2 to play your current No Answer Greeting.
    • Press 3 to return to your No Answer Greeting to the default system greeting.

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