Unified Communications (Voicemail): Change your recorded name

Change your recorded name.

Note: The Personalized Name announcement should be just your name. To create a longer message you can do a No Answer Greeting, a Busy Greeting, or an Extended Away Greeting.


  1. From your desk phone dial 60001 (88888 forRochester) or if you are dialing from outside of the University dial 612-626-0001 (507-258-8888 for Rochester)
  2. When prompted enter your mailbox number and password
  3. Press 1 to get into your voicemail box 
  4. Press 6 to get into the Personalized Name menu and choose from one of the following options:
    • Press 1 to record a new Personalized Name recording
    • Press 2 to listen to your current Personalized Name recording