Unified Communications: Set Up and Use Your UMN Voicemail

This self-help guide provides instructions for setting up and using your UMN voicemail.

Setup Your Voicemail

Initial Setup and Greetings

Change Voicemail Options

These instructions outline how to setup call forwarding on UMN VoIP phone lines.

  1. Log into the Web Portal.
    • If you are off-campus, you must connect to Split Tunnel VPN to access the Clearspan Portal.
  2. Click on Clearspan Portal.
  3. Click on Incoming Calls in the Options menu on the left.
  4. Once on the Incoming Calls screen select the Call Forwarding feature to configure (Call Forwarding Always, Call Forwarding Busy, Call Forwarding No Answer, or Call Forwarding Not Reachable).
  5. Select On to enable the feature and enter the 10-digit destination phone number.
  6. Once entered click on Apply at the top or bottom of the screen to finalize your changes.

Access Voicemail from Another Phone