Unified Communications (Voicemail): Setup "Zero Escape" to forward calls to another user

This article shows you how to setup the number you'd like people calling you to get forwarded to if they Press 0 during your greeting.

Note: Since all calls will only be routed to the entered number if the user presses 0 make sure if you are setting up this functionality that you indicate during your recorded greeting that you need to Press 0 to get forwarded!


  1. Log into the Web Portal.
    • If you are off-campus, you must connect to Split Tunnel VPN to access the Clearspan Portal.
  2. Click on Clearspan Portal.
  3. Click on Messaging in the Options menu on the left.
  4. Once on the Messaging screen select the option for Voice Management.
  5. In the Additionally... section at the bottom of the page check off the box next to Transfer on '0' to Phone Number and enter the number you'd like calls to go to.
    • If the number is an internal University number use the last 5 digits of the number.
    • If the number is an external number use the full 10 digit number with a preceding 8, ie, 86122610123.
  6. Once entered click on Apply at the top or bottom of the screen to finalize your changes.

 Instructions for accessing the voicemail system:

  1. From your desk phone dial 60001 (88888 for Rochester) or if you are dialing from outside of the University dial 612-626-0001 (507-258-8888 for Rochester)
  2. When prompted enter your mailbox number (5-digit extension number) and password
  3. Press 1 to Access Voice Messaging