Produce Video, Graphics & Media
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Produce Video, Media & Graphics

Find technology and support services for producing and storing video, media, and graphics.

Services & Technologies

Classroom Recording

Record presentations, screen capture, lectures, and meetings using your computer or mobile device and share with others.

Course & Media Production

Work with video specialists to create learning resources and videos for face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses, or for other academic purposes.

In-Room Video Conferencing

Teach, collaborate, and connect with remote learners and locations around the world using dedicated, video and audio equipped classrooms.

Media Processing & Management

Use a suite of tools to upload, host, and distribute videos that can be used for teaching or student assignments and submissions.

Media Production Spaces

Create video with the use of dedicated studio spaces ranging from a bring your own equipment studio, to fully-equipped and automated, on-demand studios.

Stock Content

Download copyright-free video clips, audio clips and graphics for free. 

Video Event Onsite Support

Request on-site technical assistance for the planning, operation, and broadcast of online hosted meetings and events.

Web Conferencing

Host scheduled and ad hoc online meetings with one person or an entire group.