Students, staff, and faculty are able to print in OIT-managed printing locations from their personal laptops, tablets, or smartphones (Android and iOS) connected to the Twin Cities campus UMN WiFi network and from remote locations when also connected to the Virtual Private Network (VPN).


  • Available at multiple locations across all campuses. Including OIT computer labs and other participating departments.
  • Available for use on personal computers, tablets, and smartphone devices (Android or iOS). 
  • Set up WiFi printing once, and use it anywhere you can connect to University of Minnesota WiFi.

Getting Started

Campus Cloud Printing

  1. Log in to Campus Cloud print.
  2. Upload your document.
  3. Swipe your U-Card and release your print job at the printer's location.

Printing from a Windows or Mac Laptop

  1. Install the appropriate print drivers for your operating system:
  2. Send a document to the desired WiFi printing queue (OIT-WiFi-BW or OIT-WiFi-Color).
  3. Go to one of the following locations to pick up your print job.

Printing from a Mobile Device

Print Locations

  1. Select the plus sign on the map below until you see yellow arrows, or view a larger map.
  2. Select one of the arrows to see more information about that print location.