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Your fast, secure and reliable connection to the U


There are four WiFi networks available to meet the needs of everyone who comes to campus:

  • eduroam - The fastest and most secure network on campus, eduroam is the preferred secure network at the University of Minnesota. This network is also available for visitors from other campuses that employ eduroam, who can use their own credentials from their institution to log in.
  • UofM Secure - A fast and secure wireless network. Temporary access to UofM Secure is available to UMN guests when requested by a qualified member of the faculty or staff.
  • UofM - A secondary wireless network offered to meet the needs of a small group of users with older devices or software.
  • UofM Guest - For guests at the University who do not need or do not qualify for a sponsored account.

Next Generation Network Upgrade Project

The Next Generation Network (NGN) project at the University of Minnesota will upgrade all components of the University’s network, wired and WiFi, over the next three years. Learn more about the NGN upgrade and keep up with the project's latest progress here.

Getting Started

  • Use eduroam - Simply select eduroam from the WiFi network options and enter your full University email address and password.
  • WiFi: Troubleshoot Your Connection - Did you know that many WiFi connectivity problems are the result of settings or other issues on individual users' computers and mobile devices? The good news is many of these can easily be fixed.
  • Give Us Feedback - We are continually looking for opportunities to enhance and fine-tune the University's WiFi network. As the most frequent users of the network, feedback from students, faculty, and staff is essential.

Intended Audience

Staff & Departments


University-funded: no charge.

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